We have babies !
Parents :
                Hippy des Lazuli d'Oolong   X    Unchain My Heart V. Tempeltraum
                Chocolate Tabby Point male           Blue Point female                    
                Routine weight = 6kg600              Routine weight = 3kg800 (May 2016)
4 lovely kitten born on the 18th of March 2017
Available starting from 18th of June 2017 (can be discussed).


Neige, Lilac tabby girl, (option until the 30th of May) :


Nova, Seal tabby girl (reserved) :


Nuage, Blue tabby boy (reserved) :


No Milk Today, Seal tabby boy (option until the 30th of May) :

More kittens available as pets, please see our french page ("entrez")


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