Our sales conditions

Wether you are interested in one of our kittens, please contact us :

via Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/chatterie.dulapisoolong

by email : lapis.oolong@gmail.com

by phone : 33 (0)6 80 47 16 57

The cost of a beautiful kitten

A beautiful and healthy kitten is not that easy to obtain.
It is neither obvious.
It is a reward for an upstream proper work.


Kittens cannot leave our place prior beeing 3 months old
(4 months old if the kitten is expected to travel out of France due to the rabies vaccine)

However, if you are interested in one of our kitten,
 you can reserve it prior beeing 3-4 months old.

The reservation is considered effective as soon as a deposit of 350 euros
 is made by bank transfer.

This deposit will be deduced from the total price of the kitten but will not be given back in case you cancel your reservation.
  Please contact us for the price of a specific kitten depending on its "quality" (pet/breed/show).

At our cattery, the price for a breed/show kitten includes :
  • Electronic identification,
  • Vaccines : typhus coryza feline leukemia : primo-vaccination the age of 2 months booster at 3 months rabies vaccine,
  • Periodic deworming,
  • European passport,
  • A good health veterinary certificate, particularly stating about the presence of 2 testicles at a male kitten,
  • Registration to the french book LOOF for a pedigree,
  • DNA tests results of the parents, (DNA test of the kitten itself will be charged in addition) More about DNA identification
  • A reservation-sale contract signed by both parties.



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